Our Team

Jeff Griffiths


E-Mail:  jeffg@esourcemiller.com
Cell:  214-282-6335
Fax:  214-614-0213

Jeff is the owner and President of E-Source Miller and has been in foodservice distribution since 1993. He excels at team building, brand development, sales/marketing planning, and has a track record of bringing together non-traditional industry partners for the collaborative benefit of all parties.  

Jeff joined ISI Commercial Refrigeration (May, 1993) as a retail sales rep. In 1998, he moved to a sales position at The Dunne Group where he worked until he joined Miller & Associates (February, 2005).  Jeff and Bobby Watson purchased Miller & Associates on November 1, 2006.  He became President in January, 2010 and sole owner January 1, 2019.  On January 4th, 2021, Miller & Associates merged with E-Source to become E-Source Miller.

With proven success at establishing corporate vision, development and execution of necessary roadmaps, Jeff is excited the future of foodservice distribution in Texas and Oklahoma.

Jeff Swindle

Chain Sales Manager

E-Mail:  jeffs@esourcemiller.com
Cell:  214-263-0984
Fax:  214-614-0213

Loves the Industry, Loves the People, Can’t turn it Off!

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Drink: Gin

Favorite Hobby: Wood Working

Pet Peeve: Anyone that doesn’t believe.

Pairs of shoes Too many

Something I would never say: Watch this!

Favorite Book(s): History

Favorite Movie/Series: Any pre-2000 Western, I don’t do series, miss one episode and everything falls apart.

Favorite Songs/Video: 70’s

Greg Morris

Outside Sales Manager

E-Mail:  gregm@esourcemiller.com
Cell:  214-289-5009
Fax:  214-614-0213

Greg joined Miller & Associates in March 2007 and manages the North Texas & Oklahoma markets. He provides technical sales for several large projects and specific customers. Greg joined M&A after four years at a competing rep. firm, and prior to that he spent 9 years as an account manager, sales engineer, manufacturing engineer, and quality engineer in the automotive manufacturing industry. Greg is experienced in all segments of the foodservice industry and has achieved success in the convenience store segment, particularly with QuikTrip. Greg’s unique background, including manufacturing, sales, engineering and account management is a tremendous asset to our company. He allows us to provide a new set of services to our customers.

JoAnne Stephenson

Sales – North Texas

E-Mail:  joannes@esourcemiller.com
Cell:  817-308-0069
Fax:  214-614-0213

JoAnne joined Miller & Associates in January 1999, and currently manages K-12 segment, along with outside sales in North Texas.  JoAnne’s first job was at the Family-Owned Restaurant Mr. Steak in Iowa.  Upon graduation at Iowa State, she moved to Texas to start a career in hotel and restaurant chain management. After leaving operations, she enjoyed great success for foodservice dealers, National Account Manager for World Tableware and Western Regional Manager for Atlantis Plastics. From her past experiences, she loves working with end users to find the right products to satisfy their needs.  She has had great success for us working with schools to find the right equipment to feed our kids. She also brings her detail-oriented skills to work with small chains to develop new products.

JoAnne resides in South Arlington with her husband Terry and their four Brittany “hunting” dogs.  If you cannot find her, she is likely in a Dove Field or West Texas hunting Quail with their Dogs. 

Angie Haberer

Sales – Oklahoma / TX Panhandle

E-Mail: angieh@esourcemiller.com
Cell:  417-402-9717
Fax:  214-614-0213

Favorite Color: 
Favorite Drink: 
Favorite Hobby: 
Pet Peeve:   
How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Own: 

Daniel Bonilla

Sales – Houston

E-Mail:  danielb@esourcemiller.com
Cell:  469-307-9008
Fax:  214-614-0213

Experienced restaurateur with over 20 yrs. of management and operations experience, both in front and back of the house. Most recently joined E-Source Miller who has given me the opportunity to help other people through helping choose the right equipment for their business. I believe that with the right equipment every kitchen can execute a high level of productivity and by doing that bring bigger profit margins and growth to their companies.  

Favorite Color: red and black
Favorite Drink: don’t really have one
Favorite Hobby: hiking
Pet Peeve: cant think of one  
How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Own: 3

Ronny Hawley

Sales – DFW / West Texas

E-Mail:  ronnyh@esourcemiller.com
Cell:  214-797-7708
Fax:  214-614-0213

Hugh Karpeles

Sales – Chains / DFW Dealers

E-Mail:  hughk@esourcemiller.com
Cell:  972-880-3892
Fax:  214-614-0213

40 years in the industry. Dealer, factory distributor , manufacture rep.

Favorite Color:  Green
Favorite Drink:  Water
Favorite Hobby:  Golf
How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You:  Own20
Something You Would Never Say:  Do you want to go camping this weekend .


Dan Nelson

Sales – Central Texas, Midland/Odessa

E-Mail:  dann@esourcemiller.com
Cell:  830-491-9599
Fax:  214-614-0213

When I was 14 years old, we moved to Dallas from Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. I applied at a placed called Frank-N-Steins. I told them I was 16 so, I could work. Bussing tables was serious business at $2.50 an hour plus meals. What kid doesn’t like free hot dogs?! I learned to prep and cook, I liked the pressure and camaraderie. I also worked for my father (Pops) in his fabrication shop. I learned to read and scale drawings, weld, use breaks, punch presses etc. My parents LOVED food and fed EVERONE who walked through our door. Pops, he made us try things. Pickled Herring, Oysters, Sardines, Braunschweiger etc. These were the game time snacks put out with Nachos. In 1983, I went off to college to be a “Jazz Musician”. I played for whoever would pay me and I worked in kitchens all along. Local diners, hotels, country clubs and Bonanza (my Brother and Sister were managers)

Miller & Associates, November 1989, I was hired as a customer service rep and warehouse guy. They hired me because I was an AWESOME forklift driver! Restaurant experience, a small bonus. I quickly learned to do Bid Work (read and scale drawings? Thanks Pops!) we would hand draw Chef Tables and Custom Stainless and quote it, with a price book, and CALCULATOR! Eventually, I was trained for outside sales. I had technical ability and a memory for drawings. I called on Consultants in the DFW area and learned from one of the best, H. Gene Rice. Gene taught me about how and why I liked to work in some kitchens and hated others. A wrong door swing could hurt someone, I could relate. Over the years, I’ve worked in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Now? Austin Texas, Live Music Capitol of the World! I love Austin and San Antonio (possibly the MOST underrated restaurant town EVER) My customers, AMAZING! (“Remember… EVERYONE is your customer” – Pops) I’ve have lifelong friends I get to work with and look forward to it every day. Stop by, maybe run into McConaughey and listen to his stories. Most importantly, we’ll eat. “You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together” – Anthony Bourdain

Favorite Color:  Blue (BORING!)
Favorite Drink:  Billecart Salmon Brut Rose or a Knob Creek Rye Old Fashioned with a Luxardo Cherry
Favorite Hobby:  Music & trying new bourbons. Sometimes it’s at the same time!
Pet Peeve:  Abusing Service Staff! I will get between you!
How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Own:  7, for now
Something You Would Never Say:  You’re actually going to eat that
What is your favorite book:  Outliers-Malcom Gladwell & Kitchen Confidential-Anthony Bourdain
What is your favorite movie/series:  Treme’  I’m not sure people will remember it? Great writing plus Food and Music. I feel a kinship with New Orleans and its people. Watch It!

Ben Rodriguez

Outside Sales Rio Grande Valley, OK, Inside Sales

E-Mail:  benr@esourcemiller.com
Cell:  469-514-2312
Office:  214-614-0235
Fax:  214-614-0213

I have over 15 years of experience in the food service industry as a training manager, managing partner, area manager specifically with Brinker International and ATX Brands.

My background gives me a wealth of knowledge in equipment application in a high volume kitchen setting, and know what it takes to make it run like a well-oiled machine. I have a passion to provide customer service and build strong relationships with all my customers, I truly believe this is vital to the success of any business.

I currently resides in Arlington, TX  and have two daughters, a 11 and 24 old.  My most recent promotion was to grandpa as I know have a grandson.

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Drink: Tang
Favorite Hobby: Working on my dad bod
Pet Peeve: Repeating myself
How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Own: 20 some are over 15 years old
Something You Would Never Say: One time in band camp

Chef Tug Toler


E-Mail:  tug@esourcemiller.com
Cell:  214-208-9880
Office:  214-614-0270
Fax:  214-614-0213

Tug got his start in the industry in the back of house in several different roles. From cook at a Ski Slope in West Point, NY, to bartending and waiting tables in fast casual restaurants to bartender and head waiter at Kirby’s Steakhouse, a fine dining steakhouse in the DFW area. Since 2007 he’s been on the manufacturer’s representatives’ side of the industry in both a salesperson and corporate chef capacities.

He especially enjoys the teaching side of being a Culinary Trainer. He gets to use his knowledge of cooking and kitchen practices and combine them with being the center of attention; skills he learned getting his college degree from Texas Tech, theatre. At this point, he has been in hundreds of kitchens across Texas and Oklahoma training and working with staffs to help them get the most out of their pieces of equipment, new and old.

Favorite Color:  Blue

Favorite Drink:  Old Fashions

Favorite Hobby:  Used to be poker, probably following Texas Tech sports

Favorite Book: Steig Larsson “Trilogy”.  I also LOVED reading Harry Potter to my oldest daughter and look forward to doing that with my younger.

Favorite Movie: Indiana Jones Trilogy ( minus Crystal Skull )

Pet Peeve: EXpresso 

How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Own:  10-12, shoes for different jobs

Something I Would Never Say:  “Whoa, Whoa Whoa!  That’s enough bacon on that!”

Chris Miller

Marketing Manager

E-Mail:  chrism@esourcemiller.com
Cell:  214-926-3487
Office:  214-614-0271
Fax:  214-614-0213

Chris manages all marketing and communication efforts including brand promotion, social media, website production, trade shows, events and FIRST Reports. He also provides marketing support for our outside sales team and all customers. Chris has over 30 years of marketing experience, primarily with large manufacturers as well as small to mid-size businesses.

Favorite Color:  Blue and Gray
Favorite Drink:  Wine, Coke Zero, and I guess water
Favorite Hobby:  Listening to music, playing guitar, softball, mowing the grass
Pet Peeve:  Narcissists.  UPDATE: Also, that bird that keeps going to the very end of the branch over my car just to take a dump.
How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Have?  8 – 10
Something You Would Never Say:  “Of course I’ve seen Star Wars!”
Favorite Movie:  Anything Adam Sandler – I’m a simple man.  Love to Laugh
Favorite Series:  The Office. Hands down.  Message me for how many times I’ve watched the series.

Dixie Beadles

Sales Coordinator

E-Mail:  dixieb@esourcemiller.com
Office:  214-614-0270
Fax:  214-614-0213

Dixie was born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma also known as “God’s Country”.  She attended college at Oklahoma City University and American University in Washington, D.C.  Her work life started in Washington, D.C. at the National Alliance on Mental Illness in public relations, national education programs, finishing as the western regional director.  After 10 years, she and her husband Brad moved back to Oklahoma where she worked for the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce as the director of national/international marketing for economic development.  She oversaw the $10 million “Forward Oklahoma City” campaign and worked on Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS) projects.  She will tell you it was probably the greatest time to live in Oklahoma City and work in that job.  Her husband, Brad, was transferred to the Dallas area in 2000 where they started a family in Frisco.  Her full-time job for many years was “mom” and volunteer of all things until she started full-time work with Frisco ISD as a substitute teacher, and then in the front office of an elementary school.  She joined Miller and Associates mid-year 2019 as the sales coordinator. 

She and her husband, Brad, reside in Frisco, Texas.  They have two children, Sydney (20) and Preston (18).  Sydney is currently a student at Oklahoma State University.  Preston will join her in Stillwater in the Fall 2021. 

Favorite Drink: Coffee
Favorite Food: Candy
Favorite Hobby: Cooking, Grilling, Eating.  Traveling.
Favorite Book: any cookbook
Favorite Quote: It’s a Sh*t Show (HAHA—I know you can’t use that one)

Note from web designer: Yes, I can and will use that!

Loves walking her dog, cooking, grilling, eating, exercising, hanging out with family, visiting baseball parks (only 3 left after June 2021 (including the Rangers park since it is new).  We will see six parks/games in six days!). 

Shawna Shepherd

Inside Sales Manager

E-Mail:  shawnas@esourcemiller.com
Cell:  972-679-0908
Office:  214-614-0215
Fax:  214-614-0213

Shawna joined E-Source Miller in 2021 as the Inside Sales Manager.  Shawna begin her career in 1989 as a Contract Manager at a foodservice dealer and has been a manufacturer’s representative with varied positions since 2006.  Shawna graduated from University of North Texas in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management.  She resides in Frisco, Texas with her husband, John, and two sons. 

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Drink: Ace Perry (Pear) Cider
Favorite Hobby: Watching sports in person or on TV (especially when my kids play)
Pet Peeve: E-mails that don’t have signature lines
How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Own: 25
Something You Would Never Say: “My laundry is caught up”
What is your favorite Book: Find Your Path by Carrie Underwood
What is your favorite Movie/Series: Yellowstone

Cheryl Brewster

Inside Sales

E-Mail:  cherylb@esourcemiller.com
Office:  214-614-0269
Fax:  214-614-0213

I started my “career” in the food service industry quite by accident.  I took a temp job at TGI Friday’s and spent 18 years with them.  Started out as an Admin in the Purchasing Department and ended up as a Project Manager.  During that interim,  I handled the purchasing of all things except food, for new restaurant locations both domestic and international.  I am a Mom of three very different children, all on different paths but thankfully succeeding in their journeys! Born in Barbados and no matter how long it’s been since I lived there, I am an island girl at heart!

I joined Miller & Associates three years ago as the Quotation Manager and now we have transitioned to our new company and I am excited for all of the possibilities that are now open to us.

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Drink: Sweet Tea or Vodka Cranberry
Favorite Hobby: Reading, Swimming
Pet Peeve: People not keeping their word and reaching your hand into my food
How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Own: Had to think on this one… easily over 50
Something You Would Never Say: Sure I’d love to try those cauliflower waffles!!
What is your favorite Book: This is HARD!!!!! I have many favorites. Little Women, I Know Why the Cage Bird Sings
What is your favorite Movie/Series: Same here! – Imitation of Life, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Sound of Music, Ten Commandments, Game of Thrones




Diane Hager

Inside Sales

E-Mail:  dianeh@esourcemiller.com
Cell:  314-650-8751
Fax:  214-614-0213

Born and raised in Southeast Missouri, Diane completed her MBA in 1999 at Southeast Missouri State University. From there, she moved to St. Louis, MO and worked in customer service for 16 years at Walsh & Simmons Seating.  After leaving W&S in 2016, she started working at ESM in inside sales. She is our in-house furniture specialist and also files spec credits, but really spends most of her time quoting bid projects. She loves working on a project, and finds that it’s like putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her husband Todd, and their daughter, Katherine. She lives on a farm and has 2 dogs and multiple (farm) cats.

Favorite Color:  Red

Favorite Drink:  Iced Tea

Favorite Hobby:  Puzzles, spending time and watching movies with my family, my dogs

Pet Peeve:  The sound of something crunchy or chewing ice right next to me

Pairs of shoes: 10 ish?

Something I would never say:
  “I’d love to watch golf on tv!”

Favorite Book(s):  I love any book that makes me laugh; Justin Halpern (Sh*t my dad says); audio books by comedians (David Spade, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, etc)

Favorite Movie/Series:  Movie: any natural disaster movie where lots of people die (The day after tomorrow, for example); Series: The Office, Parks & Rec, 30 Rock, Brooklyn 99, Kim’s Convenience, Schitt’s Creek, Golden Girls, Designing Women

Favorite Songs/Video:  Harry Connick Jr. The answer to this question is always HCJ; he also puts on the best concert; also I love the Grateful Dead

Leslie Rodgers

Inside Sales

E-Mail:  leslier@esourcemiller.com
Office:  214-614-0220

I began my Foodservice career in 1975 after graduating from UT Austin with degree in Foods & Nutrition.  Spent 18 years in school / hospital foodservice & food distribution sales & sales management.  In 1993 I changed gears and started the next chapter of my career in foodservice equipment, starting in dealer sales, E-Source in January 2000 and now E-Source Miller in 2021.  It has been quite an experience!

Favorite Color:  Red, purple, blue
Favorite Drink:  Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon, Frankie’s Mexican Restaurant Mojito (yummm, they use crushed red grapes)
Favorite Hobby:  Cooking, Gardening, Reading, Women’s Group
Pet Peeve:  People who don’t listen
Pairs of shoes :  I have no idea.  Probably need to get rid of half of them!
Something I would never say:  Do you want to go to a MMA or boxing match?
Favorite Book(s):  The Bible, Apostolic Church Arising by Chuck Pierce and Robert Heidler, Left Behind Series
Favorite Movie/Series:  The Voice, American Idol
Favorite Songs/Video:  Steve Swanson “Angel Wings”, Bethel Music “Ain’t No Grave”, Little Texas “God Bless Texas”, Kanye West “Hallelujah”

Austin Greene

Inside Sales

J.T. Thompson

Inside Sales

E-Mail:  jt@esourcemiller.com
Cell:  972-975-0847
Fax:  214-614-0213

I started in the restaurant industry in 1982 out of college. Managed a small pizza joint in Owasso Oklahoma. Over the next 15 years worked for several other large Chain Restaurants primarily in BOH operations training new managers. Moved to Dallas is 1991 and over the next 4 years opened (17) new restaurants. After leaving restaurant operations became a produce salesman for several years. In 2001 I started to work for a KES in purchasing and shortly after became a project manager. I left the dealer world in 2011 to start to work for Miller & Associates as the Bid Guy. From there I was afforded the opportunity to start selling equipment. I don’t think of myself as a salesman. I like to create relationships and have been fortunate to be able meet so many people in this business. It is the relationship building that brings me joy. Helping others with solutions.


I have 2 grand sons who live Broken Arrow Oklahoma Ben & Max. They are such a joy and I look forward to seeing then soon. My son and I enjoy playing golf together and talk about hunting and fishing that he does.

My wife of 31 years has been my biggest supporter and my first joy I get to see every morning.

Favorite Color:  Blue
Favorite Drink:  |Water which some may say comes in the form of a Bud Light. But water is my top choice.
Favorite Hobby:  Golf, but like many would say is a passion of futility.
Pet Peeve:  I would have to say is injustice in the world.
How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Own:  I am not sure on how many shoes I have but I do buy expensive shoes. As my Father always said a great pair of shoes will take you anywhere you want to go.
Something You Would Probably Never Say: “I shot under par today!”
Favorite Book:  I have never thought of myself as someone who likes to read books. The book I do read and enjoy is the Bible that is where I get comfort.

Donna Bishop

Chain Systems Manager

E-Mail:  donnab@esourcemiller.com
Office:  214-614-0228
Fax:  214-614-0213

Donna began her career with the original Miller and Associates in 1992.  She spent 8 years there as the Office/Inside Sales Mgr.   She then became employed with a food broker as a customer service representative for 3 yrs. She then took an opportunity with ESource where she has spent the last 15 yrs., first as the Inside Sales Mgr. moving on to Sales Administrator/Office Mgr. and on to Director of Operations/Finance Mgr.  Now with the newly formed ESource Miller she is the Chain Systems Mgr. with the newly formed National Chain Team Department.

Donna is married with one daughter, Christina.  She is grown and lives in Louisiana where she has been working with her father in his own service company for the past 20 yrs.

Favorite Color: I have too many to pick just one – red, green, blue, purple

Favorite Drink: Sparkling Rose` from Fortunata Winery

Favorite Hobby: Reading/Researching on many different subjects and bird watching

Pet Peeve: Cliques that exclude people, being a bully and rude drivers. I can list more but better stop here!

How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Own? I’m embarrassed to say
Something You

Would Never Say: It’s not my job!

Keith Breese

Chain Inside Sales

E-Mail:  keithb@esourcemiller.com
Office:  214-614-0218
Fax:  214-614-0213

Favorite Color: Burnt Orange

Favorite Drink: Crown & Coke

Favorite Hobby: Work on my car(s)

Pet Peeve: Dishonesty
Pairs of shoes: 6

Something I would never say: Negative comments about someone

Favorite Book(s): I have never read for pleasure. Most interesting was the legal binder issued to me by the City of Crowley for my City Council Seats

Favorite Movie/Series: Quest for the Holy Grail
Favorite Songs/Video: When October Goes Burnt Orange

Favorite Songs/Video: When October Goes

Sherri Hervey

Chain Inside Sales

E-Mail:  sherrih@esourcemiller.com
Office:  214-614-0217
Fax:  214-614-0213

Sherri started in this business in 1986 at Watson Food Service and has worked in all departments.  She currently is on the Inside Sales team and really enjoys working with clients to make their dream come true.  Everyone likes to eat!

Favorite Color:  I like them all, not just one!
Favorite Drink:  I prefer Vodka
Favorite Hobby:  Being outdoors, walking, hiking and biking.  I enjoy spending time with my daughter and her 3 dogs and cat!
How Many Paris of Shoes Do You Own:  A lot…

Tammy Hutchison

Operations Manager

E-Mail:  tammyh@esourcemiller.com
Office:  214-614-0232
Fax:  214-614-0213

I started with Miller & Associates in January 2006.  I became the Office Manager when Jeff Griffiths and Bobby Watson purchased the company in late 2006.  Now, with E-Source Miller, I am the Operations Manager.  Prior to entering the food service industry, I worked in commercial business insurance for 22 years.  I worked for Wausau Insurance Company  (fun fact:  they were the first writers of Workers Compensation insurance in the USA) in the South Central Division as Audit Supervisor.  I also worked in Human Resources during my time at Wausau.   


I am married and I have three sons, ages 31, 28 and 22.  As my two oldest sons each graduated from college, Jeff G. hired them and they also work for E-Source Miller.  My youngest son graduated from college in May 2021 and has started his work life at a Wealth Management company.  I love spending time with my family and friends.  We enjoy eating out, watching movies and going to concerts together.  I enjoy all types of music, but my usual playlist would probably consist of classic rock and Motown.  I enjoy dramas and mystery movies and my favorite types of TV are true crime and house hunting shows, but I would never turn down a good documentary about any interesting subject.  My guilty pleasure on television is Married at First Sight.

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Drink: Chardonnay / Tea

Favorite Hobby: Family Time

Pet Peeve: Negative attitudes

Pairs of Shoes: 16

Something I would never say:  Let’s go hiking!

Favorite Book(s): Autobiographies / Non-fiction

Favorite Movie/Series: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid / To Sir With Love

Favorite Songs/Video: Motown / 70’s Rock

Tucker Meyers


E-Mail:  tuckerm@esourcemiller.com
Office:  214-614-0245
Fax:  214-214-0213

Tucker Meyers was brought on to the Miller & Associates team in May of 2013 as part-time data entry and then joined the company in a full-time capacity in February of 2016 as a member of the Operations Team performing customer service, processing orders and helping to produce corporate video content for M&A as well as outsourcing his services to a variety of contacts in M&A’s industry network. With the amazing new merger of E-Source and Miller & Associates in January 2021, Tucker is now proud to be a part of the E-Source Miller family by retaining his position on the Operations Team and as ESM’s in-house Corporate Videographer.

Tucker comes from a background in audio/video production, having earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film and Video from The University of Texas in Arlington in 2013 and doing freelance videography work on weekends for the City of Irving, TX. He lives with his wonderful girlfriend Kassandra and cutest-cat-in-the-world Mango and enjoys trying out new restaurants and going to see movies with friends and family in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  

Favorite Color:  Blue

Favorite Drink:  Dos Equis Amber

Favorite Hobby:  Watching Movies

Favorite Book: Underground by Haruki Murakami

Favorite Movie: Seven Samurai

Favorite Series: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Pet Peeve:  Seeing someone incorrectly coiling power cables ( please look up the “Over-Under Method”! )

How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Own:  3

Something I Would Never Say:  “Let’s leave it to chance”

Alex Brock


E-Mail:  alexb@esourcemiller.com
Office:  214-614-0237
Fax:  214-614-0213

It all started when I was a wee child, working at the corner store bagging ice or stocking shelves for the simple opportunity to take home some chips and a soda pop. In those days we had to walk everywhere….. up hill and even in the snow! However, neither here not there we can fast forward a few years to my very first business. Wasn’t much back in those days but went around town doing landscaping for CHEAP. 25 bucks to do the hole yard, mowing, edging, whatever was needed. Still couldn’t drive yet so would always have to get dropped off after school, but that didn’t stop me! Finally around 16 I started to do construction, MUCH BETTER MONEY and still would be paid in cash 😉. Mostly did Tile work (the labor portion that is), but also did some plumbing, electrical rerouting in the house via the attic to the breaker, and carpentry (or shelf buildin as we liked to call it).

A year later I got my first job with an actual paycheck, MAIN EVENT. Oh there were plenty of good times and of course a few bad. I started as a pup of 17 in the Game room area, working on games, running the Laser tag, and redemption counter. That wasn’t enough though, I craved more! So I ventured out and started running shifts in the kitchen, front line, back line, kitchen line whatever was needed. With that came even greater opportunities through out the building. I started to run the banquet set ups and tried my hand at bartending and serving. While I was good at both I hated it, the banquet role is where I shinned. Main Event Grapevine had the highest corporate sells in the nation at the time which meant busy busy busy for me! After a year or two of running banquet season (December) by myself, as well as all year, I finally got a team. Also, around this time Main Events where starting to open like crazy so they needed NCO (New Center Opening) trainers. I was one of the lucky ones to be employed to do this and as such helped open three more main events through out my full tenor of 5 years with them.

Now the fun begins, I was then recruited to be the bar supervisor of an establishment run by entertainment properties LLC, “It’z” in Euless. There was not much to work with but immediately saw the potential in my staff and quickly rose a protégé to take my place. Within a month or two I was promoted to “Fun manager” which as fun as that sounds it was not. They had not had that position filled for some time and I was now to oversee all entertainment; bowling, arcade, the bar, redemption room, and the crane games. After a few months I started to grasp each of the concepts of my title. The hardest of which was keeping that redemption room full. I had to count every item every month (even the SMARTIES) for inventory and place individual orders weekly/ bi weekly as deemed necessary. My VP of ops would often stop by to constructively criticize my work, sometimes good but every time learning the expectations. The goal was to have no wall showing, FULL FULL FULL. I guess I did something right since I started to be referred to as the AGM. However there was a sister company to us named Pin Stack, a fairly new concept that had one location in Plano and was building another. Out of every employee there I was the only one to be hand picked to go help with the opening of this new beautiful facility in Las Colinas. They gave me the option to be over banquets again however they were really wanting me to do the Fun manager position again. So I transferred to the dirt lot that is not Pin Stack and again developed a team from scratch and helped with some of the aspects in building the building. Did all hiring for my staff and others and created some of the initial worksheets to help run the facility as well as handled all cash management. Its always fun to hear your 1000’s of dollars short at 6am and have to go back up there 😊 to help the closing supervisors find the “missing” money (usually a miscount).

 After three lonnnnnnng years with entertainment properties a friendly server asked me if I was looking for a job. I told Ben Rodriguez, “honestly working this 80 hour work week for this minimal salary got old 2 years ago” and applied with his company ESOURCE immediately. Donna interviewed me and within a week or two I got an offer which I jumped on board the first chance I got. I have not looked back ever since and don’t plan to. I was hired on here to help in the Purchase order department. Ben trained me and a month later Sherri came on board and was trained as well. Her and I have hammered through the good times and bad in the PO email box for almost three years now. Starting in the late HOT summer of last year 2020 I began to run/ organize the warehouse and do building maintenance through out Esource. This was a nice change of pace and due to the industry and covid PO’s were not as heavy. Then finally at the end of the year (2020) there was a light! It was announced, the company was being bought and some changes where coming. Not to say there were issues before, but excitement was quickly fading for most and a change of pace brought rejuvenation that was much needed for this ancient company. I am now a proud employee of Esource Miller!!! I still run purchase orders with Sherri and now Tucker!!! As well as manage the warehouse and do what building maintenance is asked as I have time for. I hope to be here a very long time and look forward to what the future holds!

Favorite Color:  Turquoise, or color variants of blue and green both together and separate.

Favorite Drink:  Probably have to say Dos XX, I mean Dr Pepper :/  

Favorite Hobby:  Playing video games, trust me I’m good at it

Pet Peeve:  When people complain about a job they are employed to do/ or are lazy and just don’t care to improve in either there day to day lives or help improve the company they are working for.

How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Own:  Probably only 10 but I have like 30+ hats and approximately 8 watches just as a start

Something You Would Never Say:  “That’s not my job” unless the very unlikely circumstance was that It was for something I know I am not qualified at all for or there was a high risk of injury for myself or others.

Travis Worsham


E-Mail:  travisw@esourcemiller.com
Office:  214-614-0268
Fax:  214-614-0213

Travis has a broad range of experience in the foodservice industry, working at both the dealer and end-user level. Travis currently manages the commission process within E-Source Miller.

Mason Meyers


E-Mail:  masonm@esourcemiller.com
Office:  214-614-0267
Fax:  214-614-0213

Mason started at Miller & Associates in the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college at Texas A&M University – Commerce as a part time employee processing acknowledgements and invoices. He worked part time while he finished school and, after graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism/Public Relations in August of 2017, was hired on full-time at Miller and added PR writer to his list of duties alongside his office responsibilities. Mason happily made the transition into the E-Source Miller family in 2021 and is excited to see how the company expands going forward.

In his off-time Mason enjoys playing guitar, listening to music, watching movies, and playing video games. While he is mostly is a fan of rock music and horror films, he happily listens and watches other genres as well.

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Book: I love Stephen King, so I’d have to say “The Dead Zone,” but my favorite non-King book would be “Catch-22” by Joseph Heller
Favorite Movie: Lost in Translation OR Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Favorite Series: The Haunting (Hill House/Bly Manor)
Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper w/ Cream Soda (I don’t drink alcohol)
Favorite Hobby: Playing guitar and playing video games
Pet Peeve: When people use words incorrectly against their meaning
How Many Pairs of Shoes Do I Own: 3 (a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of boots, and some galoshes for the rainy days)
Something I Would Never Say: “No thanks, I’m not hungry.”

Chris Haltom


E-Mail:  chrish@esourcemiller.com
Office:  214-614-0215
Fax:  214-614-0213

Chris’ background is in real estate, interior design, AutoCAD, and REVIT.  Chris brings a high level of attention to detail to the Operations Team.

Janelle Griffiths


E-Mail:  janelleg@esourcemiller.com
Cell:  214-282-5542
Fax:  214-614-0213

Julio Galaviz

Warehouse Manager

E-Mail:  juliog@esourcemiller.com
Cell:  972-834-7444
Office:  214-614-0215
Fax:  214-614-0213

Julio is responsible for the warehouse operation and is an integral part of our distribution services.  Julio’s background is in warehouse management, distribution in the dental & printing markets, and residential remodeling.

Favorite Color:  Blue

Favorite Drink: Coke

Favorite Hobby:  Fishing

Pet Peeve:  Blocking intersections, messing with my pets!!

Pairs of shoes: Boots

Something I would never say: Ha, you almost got me to say it!! 🙂 

Favorite Book(s):  Ehh, probably hunting and fishing

Favorite Movie/Series:  Thomstone, Bound by Honor, All Marvel Movies, Too many to list…

Favorite Songs/Video: Master of Puppets, Senor Locutor, Drikin Problem, California Love

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