Founded in 1920 in Dayton, Ohio, KOLD-DRAFT’s original name was Uniflow for the type of pumps manufactured. In 1926, the plant was moved to its current location in Erie, Pennsylvania. It was from this location that KOLD-DRAFT’s reputation for innovation and pure dependability began.

In 1955, KOLD-DRAFT began producing automatic ice machines. Using a unique evaporator and water plate system, KOLD-DRAFT’s design produced perfect, pure, clean, hard, ice cubes; every time. The “upside down” horizontal evaporator was the key. Water is shot up into the evaporator cells at an incredibly high rate of speed and freezes from the outside in.

This system washes out minerals and foreign substances before the water freezes, producing pure cubes that melt slower. Slower melting ice brings drinks closer to the temperature of the ice without diluting them, keeps food colder longer, and lasts longer in coolers.

World-wide, the finest restaurants, hotel chains, mixologists, bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts call for beautifully crafted ice as the starting point for their food and beverages. Ice is the starting point of any beverage. With KOLD-DRAFT ice as the foundation, any recipe can be fabulous. KOLD-DRAFT machines are engineered to give you 99.9% pure ice.