We invite you to our Culinary Center to Experience E-Source Miller! This 2 hour “Experience ESM” event will give you hands-on, interactive training on the most innovative products in the foodservice industry! You’ll even get to eat the food that is prepared, so come hungry!

Chef Tug Toler brings years of industry knowledge from a variety of perspectives, presented in a relaxed, light-hearted tone that only Tug can bring!

Get ready to laugh, learn, and Experience ESM!


  • Blended Beverage Dispensers
  • Combi & Accelerated Cooking Technologies
  • Labor & Cost Reducing Equipment
  • Hands-On OR Hands-Off Pizza Cooking
  • Faster Food Prep
  • Dish Machines & Power Wash Systems
  • Food Waste Disposers & Collector Systems
  • Shelving Options
  • Hot/Cold Holding and Transport
  • Innovations in Oil Conservation


  • Thursday, May 12th
  • Wednesday, July 20th
  • Wednesday, September 14th
  • Thursday, October 20th
  • Tuesday, December 6th


E-Source Miller Culinary Center
3680 W. Royal Lane
Suite 155
Irving, TX 75063

RSVP:  Dixie Beadles – dixieb@esourcemiller.com